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Welcome to The Harem, premier French owned and operated luxury escort agency in Paris.

Since our establishment in 1991, our ultra-elite social Parisian escort service has set the highest standards in escort introductions for sophisticated gentlemen.

We pride ourselves on our concentrated endeavor for excellence in all that we do. We are confident that your experience with our company will be all you imagine. To read more about the company concepts, please scroll down the page.

Regardless of your needs, be it casual dinner dates in Paris, weekend connections, or elite travel dates, The Harem has you covered for all occasions.

Noémie & Claudia

Managers of the exclusive high class escort
agency in Paris, The Harem

Luxury international escorts entertainment is fast becoming a lost art. Paris elite escorts agency The Harem has always been the premium company for those seeking genuinely luxury escorts entertainment and companionship. We offer a very high end model companions along with world class talent and personal attention.

Initially, our selection process ensures that only the finest quality models, in every area (not just looks) are provided to our selective gentleman. As selective as we are with our clientele, we are even more selective about the models with whom we choose to work. This covers many areas of personality type, education level, fitness standard, career status and grooming/ hygiene/ presentation. Fine, immaculate attire and exquisite French corset lingerie is standard.

We are constantly told that our Paris elite escorts models are well above the quality of other companies' higher-priced models. This proves our promise that we are dedicated to providing the most appropriate model for you, as opposed to the most expensive. Compared to other Paris luxury escorts agencies who are just looking to charge as much as possible, The Harem fees are very reasonable for the gentleman who knows quality.

Our new recruits are given an initial training session, and only made available to respected regular clients, whilst we assess her feedback and performance. If the elite escorts model is deemed suitable, she is tutored in elite courtesan entertainment and tantric pleasure provision, and maintained on a courtesan apprenticeship for further assessment, with additional advanced training provided throughout her early courtesan career.

Paris Elite Escorts & Luxury Models

Paris luxury escorts service, much like hand-made shoes or a proper afternoon high tea service, is fast becoming a lost art, as people try to offer a lesser 'service' for more money, as opposed to a genuine connection and quality experience.. Our professional tutelage not only ensures the same high quality effort is provided by all models, it ensures the models' full potential is eventually reached, where she is providing the absolute premium performance she is capable of providing.

Whether in Paris, London or around the world, as the elite escort models talents and overall quality increases (eg higher levels of fitness, education achievements, career status achievements, client management etc), so her fee will increase. This in turn exposes her to a different level/ quality of client, allowing her to gain even more experience and entry into the world of high society. Rest assured our Supreme and Ultimate level VIP escorts models did not reach this level easily, and it is not easy to remain there. Exceptional excellence is required from all the Paris luxury escorts models at this level, and very few reach or maintain that level of quality.

In addition, everybody knows well-cared-for staff makes for happier, more relaxed individuals. The carefully selected and highly valued luxury Paris escorts within The Harem are provided with the highest level of security, full time professional chauffeurs, the highest level of respect, and many other luxuries that other companies simply do not provide.

VIP Escort Paris & High Class Image Models

As such, we attract the finest quality high-class Paris escort. (ie educated, intelligent, well-bred, polite, socially adept poised, fit, warm, friendly and professional young ladies. Our VIP escort Paris models thoroughly enjoy their time with their vip clientele, and genuinely enjoy their lifestyles, partly due to the exceptional treatment and respect that The Harem offers them.

We do not work with young ladies who sport tattoos or excessive piercings (ears discreet bellybutton piercings are acceptable). Whether or not it is in vogue to have a tattoo, it has always been known among high society and within the modeling industry that tattoos, especially on women, are unacceptable and definitely seen as very common and undesirable. Since we cater to a clientele that is well in the know when it comes to social etiquette, we would never insult their taste by providing a less-than-suitable young model, which includes a flawless, un-marred complexion all over..

VIP escort Paris ladies are well-bred young ladies with high self-worth and understanding of proper conduct would never allow herself to be tattooed in the first place.Whether for cultural reasons or not, certain traditions in proper society remain, and tattoos on women are simply not attractive to our clientele. Our Paris VIP image models are fresh, clean, healthy, well bred and wholesome young ladies, who know how to connect with you on a deeper level, how to charm and arouse you in a tantric fashion, then convert back to the proper young lady she is in public, much like a part-time wife.

Paris Elite Escorts Services

The Harem Paris elite escorts goddesses bring a wide array of toys, outfits and many other accessories to make the intimate period of your experience sensational and unique. She will set the mood perfectly and maintain it throughout each phase of the appointment. Every appointment is tailored to suit your needs, so there is no "typical" or structured situation. Just superb entertainment and healing, genuine companionship at a very high degree. Emotional and intellectual pleasure is just as important as any physical relaxation and tantric pleasure.

Our office co-ordinators, with whom you will speak on the telephone, are warm and talented. The staff at Paris VIP escorts agency The Harem have been trained to a high degree to not only carefully select the most appropriate clients, they have also been trained to professionally consult with our chosen gentlemen to ascertain his every need and provide the perfect match. The Harem brings quality people together for mutually enjoyable experiences; our telephone staff make this aim their priority, and are not only professional but also friendly and helpful.

When you reserve the time of the Paris elite escorts service agency The Harem, you are guaranteed quality; no pot-luck, no maybe. We offer a 100% guarantee of premium quality, which no other company can offer please see our guarantee here.



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